The age of simply providing traditional agency digital marketing services has gone. As marketing managers and business owners become more savvy around digital marketing, providing in-depth analytics along with extensively researched and smart digital strategies is where a Digital Marketing Partner will be truly beneficial.

Tracey Munn
Founder & Chief Digital Specialist
Munn Digital


Munn Digital aims to provide a digital marketing service not found elsewhere. Our expertise, combined with our clients knowledge of their business, creates a formidable partnership. We value ethics, integrity, honesty & transparency.

tracey munn


Munn Digital was launched in 2018 by Tracey Munn.

Tracey has been in the industry since 2010, becoming a trusted Digital Marketing advisor, marketer and speaker in the Asia Pacific Region and the United States.

Starting her working career in the field of acute psychiatry in Melbourne in 1991, Tracey went on to gain qualifications in Psychology and Accounting.

Relocating from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia in 2009, Tracey went on to study Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Over the past 15 years, Tracey has become a respected Digital Marketer with skills across all digital marketing channels. Attending Google Partner Summits in San Francisco and speaking about the effects of psychology and analytics on digital marketing, Tracey worked with a number of local agencies before establishing Munn Digital.

Munn Digital now works with clients based in Australia and the USA. 



Munn Digital is not a traditional Digital Marketing Agency.
We do not offer a one size fits all, cookie-cutter, package approach to Digital Marketing. We work with clients who require the expertise of renowned digital marketing professionals to take their business to the next level.

Combining consumer psychology and market research, with data and business goals, we create a tailored digital marketing solution to fit your business precisely.

We also consult with global digital agencies to create powerful digital marketing campaigns.


No calls? No sales? Can’t find your business online? For fast assistance schedule your free 30 minutes consultation with Tracey Munn. We guarantee you will not be sold to (you may just find it the most valuable 30 minutes you have spent on your business in a long time).


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